Various Cereals

Cookie Crook & Cookie Cop

Cookie Crisp was awesome, period. The commercials today only feature Chip the dog, famous for his “COO-OOOOOOKIE CRISP!” howl. But Chip was once the pet of Cookie Crook, a sneaky little dude with a bandit mask & a chef’s hat. The two of them would try & bag some free Cookie Crisp, but Chip would always howl with joy at the sight of them, & that would signal Cookie Cop, a portly old Irish bobby, that someone was after his precious cereal. It was a rare occasion when Cookie Cop didn’t manage to catch Cookie Crook & Chip, & take them back to the station house, sans breakfast . The two humans were dropped in the mid-90’s. They are currently living together in an apartment in San Francisco.

Poppy the Porcupine

Poppy represented Corn Pops in the early 80’s. She carried a suitcase around with her, & when she opened it up, an entire breakfast table would pop out, complete with a cereal bowl, full glasses of milk & orange juice, a piece of buttered toast, & of course, a box of Corn Pops. I never really thought keeping all that stuff in a suitcase was a good idea. I’m sure the toast was stale & the O.J. was lukewarm by the time Poppy popped open that case. And should the milk be lumpy like that? Dude, that’s one nauseating part of a complete breakfast right there.

Cocoa Krispies

I can only remember as far back as Snap, Crackle, & Pop… the logical choice for mascots of a cereal with Krispies in its name. In the late 80’s, Coco the stupid monkey took over, singing songs about swinging from branches & trying to keep his Cocoa Krispies away from the other animals in the jungle. Coco later became a real chimp in the late 90’s, complete with hat, t-shirt, & jeans. But upon doing some research, I found out that Cocoa Krispies went through about a dozen different mascots. Pictured above, from left to right: José the monkey (late 50’s), Coco the elephant (late 50’s/early 60’s), Ogg the caveman (late 60’s/early 70’s), freaking Snagglepuss (mid-60’s), & then another elephant named Tusk (70’s/early 80’s). Now Snap, Crackle, & Pop are back on the box. Only now they’re big Hollywood stars with sexy man voices.