Breakfast Cereal Limbo February 2, 2002

I think that’s the coolest thing ever. Don’t ever spend the amount of time I did making sure that this first post went up on this exact date on ANYTHING EVER. Right, now let’s get this party started.

Breakfast cereal is one of the main foundations of this website’s very existence. If little Mikey hadn’t done the Life cereal commercials, he wouldn’t have gotten so famous. And if he hadn’t gotten so famous, playground-going children all across America wouldn’t have passed along the story of how he exploded after mixing Poprocks with Coke with nearly as much fear or suspicion. And if that hadn’t happened, this website would probably have a really stupid name. So it’s only natural that we kick things off with the most important meal of the day.

Actually, for me, cereal was more of a snack food than a breakfast food, & it still is. Right when I’d come home from school, or before I went to bed, I’d pour myself a bowl of Nintendo cereal… Mario side only. The Zelda side was just plain nasty. Berry flavored, yuck.

But I’m not here to talk about the cereals of the past. There are too many. They had a cereal for everything, from Batman to Steve freaking Urkel. No, I’m here to pay a tribute to the cereal icons we have lost along the way, who have since either dropped out of the industry altogether, or have been scrapped from their cereal’s advertising campaign to make way for more modern, more hip alternatives. These legendary icons have no place to call home except the back of our very minds, a place I like to call… Breakfast Cereal Limbo.